MCJ prepares world-class communication graduates. Students receive state-of-the-art training in visual storytelling, multimedia journalism, and development communication while developing insight to support effective human communication in a time of rapidly changing technologies.

A Cutting-Age Communication Program

A North American standard communication program

Affordable quality education (40% tuition waiver for all)

Credit transfer to various Canadian universities

Market-based, sellable communication training

Constantly synced with ever-evolving digital communication technologies

Produces multi-tasking communicators

Graduates Meeting the Market Needs

MCJ trains graduates with skills and insight to cater to the communications needs of the information society. Graduates learn to

Master media to tell stories and present ideas persuasively

Articulate ideas effectively with content for organizations and individuals

Connect people across all walks of life

Beautify the world by ensuring seamless communication

Graduates are Employed in

Broadcast Media Electronic and Print Journalism, TV, Radio

Social Media Based e-Commerce

Development Organizations


Corporate PR and Branding

Media Research


Professor Anis Pervez, PhD.

Head of Department

anis.pervez@cub.edu.bd Researcher Unique Identifier https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2264-5881

Short Bio

Educated in Media and Film studies, Information and Cognitive Science, and Sociology and Social Informatics respectively from Dhaka University, Indiana University Bloomington, and Oslo University, Dr. Anis Pervez taught at several universities in Bangladesh and the US. He worked as an electronic communication researcher at the Oslo University Centre for Technology and Human Value in the late 1990s as ICTs just appeared to revolutionize the world. He served the Indiana University think tank Center for Studies in Global Change. Dr. Pervez has worked for several development organizations including UNDP and UNESCO Asia Pacific as a communication and development consultant. His research includes cognition, cinema, and cybernetics. Currently, Dr. Pervez is developing a neocybernetic theory of cinema. Dr. Pervez regularly publishes film reviews on various national and international platforms.

Current Reasearch

  1. Convergent media: Domestication of cinema and development of a new aesthetics
  2. Cybernetics of communication: Autopoietic meaning construction
  3. Developing a neocybernetic cinema theory


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List of Publication

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Dr. Zohir Biswas

Assistant Professor


Award and Publications

Short Bio

Educated and on-hand skilled in television production (tv drama, docudrama, talk show, TV commercials), film, radio and theater. Experienced in direction, script writing and acting. PhD in Creative Arts (Jahangirnagar University & Jordan University. Dr. Biswas has taught in different universities in Bangladesh; published novel, poetry and play in Bangla, English and German language.

Apart from working in stage, Radio, Television & Film for more than 2 decades, Dr. Zohir Biswas also has worked in Egypt, Syria, Jordan, India and Bangladesh as communication specialist for UN organizations and World Bank.

Kazi Kamrun Nahar Tania


kamrun.tania@cub.edu.bd Research Interest:

Film criticism, feminism, film theory, media, and journalism.

Short Bio

Kazi Kamrun Nahar Tania is academically trained in Television and Film Studies from the University of Dhaka. She has industry experience in broadcast journalism as she worked for Somoy Television. Tania made her film-making debut in 2019.


  1. Kazi Kamrun Nahar (2019). Role Portrayals of Women in Bangladeshi Television Advertisements and It’s Changes with The Context of Time. IJSER, Volume 10, Issue 7, July-2019, ISSN 2229-5518 (p. 158-169)
  2. Kazi Kamrun Nahar (2021). Simana Periye (1977): Interclass marriage as a means to challenge the class society or negotiation to maintain the status quo? Bangladesh Film Archive Journal. Vol 17. 2021.
  3. Kazi Kamrun Nahar (2022) Portrayal of Liberation War in Aguner Poroshmoni (1994) & Shyamol Chhaya (2005) Bangladesh Film Archive Journal. Vol 18. 2022


Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Media, Communication and Journalism is a 132 credit hours program that produces high-end communicators catering to the market needs. Graduates will have the skills and insight to lead the coming of the 4th Industrial Revolution in the country.

18 Credit Hours

General Education Courses

75 Credit Hours Core Media, Communication and Journalism Courses with emphasis on social media and development communication

Area of Specialization

9 courses of 27 Credit Hours in Visual Storytelling


9 courses of 27 Credit Hours in Multimedia Journalism

6 Credit Hours Senior Project

6 Credit Hours Internship




MCJ has memoranda of understanding with several broadcast media where our students use advanced media labs, hold internships and often are later employed. Two of our strongest partners are: